Who We Are




Music City Strings is one of the top educational string-performance ensembles in the country!  This group brings with it incredible talent, energetic movement, and fun attitudes, coupled with a fresh take on classical, fiddle, country, and a wide range of other musical genres.  Music City Strings keeps busy with a regular schedule of rehearsals, performances, and touring.

In 2005, Dana Meyer established a violin studio in Franklin, Tennessee. Her dream was to create a program that would provide children the means to become confident, sensitive and beautiful artists.  Music City Strings is an outgrowth of this program and has enjoyed many successes at the local, national, and international level.

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Music City Strings Academy

Our Mission

Music City Strings is a nonprofit organization that conducts classes, workshops, and public performances to foster high level music education for the students of middle Tennessee.

Our Vision

It is the goal of Music City Strings to teach the community how to achieve artistic exceptionalism by stressing excellence in both education and performance.  The organization creates an environment that promotes the development of self-confidence, discipline, and responsibility, while offering experiences to foster deep and meaningful relationships.  By stressing attention to detail, repetition of skill and technique, and exploring a wide variety of musical genres, the students learn the fruits of discipline and experience a high level of performance excellence.

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