Community Engagement


The Music City Strings Crescendo Program offers underprivileged youth a high quality private violin education and the opportunity to participate in the exceptional MCS performing group. The goal is to empower students of underserved communities to successfully develop their potential, to be persistent in the pursuit of their music education and to strengthen their communities.

The educational foundation of the Music City Strings Program is based on the Suzuki Method, which requires parents or guardians to be highly involved in the learning process by attending classes with the student, taking notes, and by practicing together with the student at home on a daily basis. Parents need not have any musical training, but must understand that the degree of their own commitment to their student’s learning through the Suzuki Method will impact learning outcomes – not only musically, but in the growth of character and across all academic disciplines.


  • Full Scholarship Tuition for private violin instruction
  • One private lesson per week
  • One group class per week
  • Participation in recitals, competitions, and performing opportunities
  • Instrument & Books provided
  • Opportunity to participate in the MCS Performing Group
REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS FOR ACCEPTANCE INTO THE PROGRAMThe parents or guardians of potential students must commit to the following requirements
before being accepted into the program:

  • Parents or guardians of the student must commit to bringing the student to their lesson every week, and must remain present with the student in the lesson.
  • Parents or guardians of the student must commit to bringing the student to group class every week, and must remain present with the student in the group class.
  • Parents or guardians of the student must practice together and be prepared for lessons
    each week.
  • Students must attend the three recitals each school year as part of the curriculum.
  • MCS has many community performances throughout the year. Students are expected to
    participate in as many of these as are practical as part of the curriculum.

Failure to meet these commitments will result in the forfeiture of the student’s place in this
program and allow another student the opportunity to participate.

In addition to the application, each student and at least one parent or guardian will participate
in a brief interview with MCS staff.

At least one Letter of Recommendation is required from either a private instructor, school music teacher, or Place of Worship Music Director/Extra-curricular Ensemble Director.

Click here for the MCS Crescendo Application.